Friday, November 21, 2008


Kia Ora! Hope I find everyone is doing fine! As you all know, I just came back from Christchurch a few days ago so I have been trying to sort through photos and things. I will start by saying Christchurch is a beautiful city with many things to offer almost anyone. It is a very English looking city with old buildings. It has around 370,000 people and public buses traveling every direction you can see!
Nina (Austrian) and I flew down to Christchurch Monday afternoon and arrived around 3p.m that day. The lady we were staying with (Barbara) picked us up there and showed us around the city. We then went back to her house and ordered pizza because Barbara had a dinner meeting in the city.
The next day I went into the city to hang out with some exchange students I had not seen since the first day in NZ and Nina took off to go on a horse trek all day. Meanwhile, I hung out with Aniely (Brazil) and Debora (Paraguay) and they showed me around the city. Aniely lives in Christchurch with her host family so it was nice having someone who knew the city showing you around! Later that day, the girls took me on the city tram and gondola ride which was very fun! After that, we did lots of shopping for souvenirs and had dinner. I left them to go home but I ran into a "slight" problem........ I managed to get on the wrong bus which took me ALL THE WAY to the coast which was 40 minutes out of the way. I was then dropped off at the last stop which was a good 1 hour and 20 minutes from where I was suppose to get dropped off! I managed to find the right bus eventually and make it back home. However, I had given Nina enough crap about getting on the wrong bus about 2 weeks ago so between her and Barbara laughing and texting people about my mistake, I never heard the end to the laughter!
The next day, Nina did another horse trek and I went back into the city to meet with more exchange students. I met up with Aniely and Debora again along with Felipe and Antonio (Chile) and Felipe (Costa Rica). The guys and I decided to go to an indoor wave pool with spas, sauna's, and swim lanes. It was quite fun! Then we went into the city and met with another bunch of AFS students and we all had dinner at La Porchetta (an Italian place). There were about 15 of us out to eat.
The last day, Nina and I went into the city and looked for last minute things to buy. Then we headed to the Antarctic Centre because it was a 5 minute walk from the airport. We also stopped to see the United States Antarctic Program Air Force Base which is in Christchurch. It takes supplies to Antarctica along with scientists and soldiers. We then did a ride at the Antarctic Centre which simulated what goes on in Antarctica along with the temperature. We were allowed to go into a room where the room was -18 degrees Celsius. I don't know that in F though.
After flying back to Auckland, I stayed the night at Nina's house in Hamilton. I then arrived back in my town on Friday afternoon. It was a long but great week away!
I know this post was late, BUT you have to be patient because I am not near the computer always and when I am, I am not always in a mood to type paragraphs full of information! Hope you enjoyed! Check back in a week or so and I might have more :)

Me, Charles, Felipe, Antonio, Felipe, Debora, Aniely

Me at the Bridge of Remembrance

Barbara and I

Nina and I on the plane

Me with the Arctic Mobile!


Dr J said...

Hello Josh,

Sounds like a great time in Christchurch. We didn't get down to the South Islnd when I was in NZ many years ago, but you bring it alive with your stories of wandering in the right and wrong directions. Enjoy December warmth in the Southern Hemisphere. We have 2-3 inches of white "sunshine" on the ground this morning!

Take care,
Kerry Jacobson

rachael2d2 said...

Hey Josh!

My name is Rachael Dimit, and I go to school in Eau Claire, Wisconsin which I'm sure you know of. I actually know a couple of kids in osseo too. But anyway, I was reading your blog and it sounds like you are having an amazing time. I'm applied to go to Chile first semester of next year and I'm really nervous, but of course really excited. Is it hard being away from home for that long? Well I hope to hear back from you! :)
--Rachael Dimit

Josh Pettis said...

It is hard sometimes being away for awhile but then again, you HAVE to adapt because it's not like you can fly home for the weekend. The first few weeks are kind of long and boring along with very confusing but you eventually just adapt and get into their way of life. Enjoy Chile! I want to visit there as well!!!